Amazing first week back…

Just wanted to send a quick post to say how delighted I was with how well all of you worked in the first week back after the Easter holidays. It was lovely to see so many faces in the Google Hangouts, playing Quizlet on Friday, engaging with the tasks and supporting each other.

Today is the beginning of week 2 and we have some fun learning activities lined up so please check the timetable on the Google classroom. There will be post alongside it so read this carefully as it will explain a couple of new jobs!

There is also a video to watch from Mrs Sneddon which I will share on here, it will be in your classroom and it will be on the school blog. It explains our whole school IDL learning grid.

Please remember that what we are sending home is just a guide for the children to engage with. I am so aware that this is a really difficult time for everyone and the last thing I want is for children to be getting stressed and upset about the work they are doing. Staying happy and healthy is key.

Finally to say how proud I am of them all for how they have engaged so far with online learning. Thanks to all the parents for their support and encouragement during this time. Have a great week and will be in touch again soon.

Miss Coe

Update for Online Learning

Just a wee update about our learning online and a few things to note…

  • Please ensure all children have joined our new P6/7 and P7 Google Classroom. They have all been invited but there are still quite a lot of pupils who haven’t joined yet or accessed it. This is where Miss McPherson and myself will communicate with the class and set work.
  • The council needs us to take registration each morning online to account for pupils and to ensure they are accessing work. This will be done each morning in the Classroom by the pupils completing a quick form to let us know they are there and have logged in. Please could you encourage and remind your children to do this as soon as possible each morning.
  • We have put up a timetable and some learning activities in our Google Drive. The timetable is just a guide and does not need to be stuck to rigidly. Please don’t worry if some activities don’t get done or if there are days when other things crop up and your child isn’t able to do any work. We completely understand times are challenging just now and families are having to make adjustments etc. Similarly, it’s absolutely ok if a pupil doesn’t engage with the classwork some days because they were taking part in other valuable, active experiences with you (walking/hiking, cooking, creating etc). 
  • Pupils are able to get in touch with us through Google Hangouts and we will be having some group video calls this week to see if it works ok and to check in with the children 🙂
  • All pupils should be able to show you their Google Classroom, Google Drive and Hangouts so that you are aware of them and can see their work. Pupils are all confident in using these platforms. 
  • If you have any questions about any of this please just send me an email. Happy to answer any questions.

Many thanks, 

Lisa Coe 

Personal belongings

Milton of Leys Primary School

We have had requests from parents to organise for some of their children’s personal belongings to be picked up if they are not in school at the moment.

We have bagged and labelled these items so that you can pick them up from the office area. All lost property is outside the front door of the school for pick up too. Please remember to collect chromebooks and jotters if possible too.

We are expecting news from the local authority to be shared with us at 5.00pm today and I will post this immediately on the blog.

As before, please don’t hesitate to email if we can provide any further support at this stage.

Thank you

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Online Digital Learning & Expected School Closure — Milton of Leys Primary School

The Scottish government announced today that schools are expected to be closed by the end of this week. As I set out in the letter to all parents/carers today (see link), we will do all we can as a school to support the children and families of our school through this time. As any information […]

Online Digital Learning & Expected School Closure — Milton of Leys Primary School

Work for Pupils to do at Home

For pupils in P6 and P7 who are off school just now but still well enough to do some school work, I have uploaded some Maths worksheets and a Literacy project on to their ‘P7 & P6/7 Google Drive’ in a folder called ‘Work from Home’. I would also encourage personal reading and practice of basic facts/times tables.

At the moment we aren’t sending specific packs of work home but are currently working on them for our inevitable closure. All pupils should make sure they have they have their chromebooks and chargers and log-in details for our main apps for learning (Sumdog, TTRockstars etc).

P6 and P7 are in the lucky position to have their individual chromebooks and are all very well used to using the Google Classroom and Google Drive which is great, as it makes it far easier for distributing work if needs be.

I will share any further information about digital work from home once we get more guidance from the council. Many thanks, Miss Coe


Please see the blog post for the lastest update on the actions regarding the Coronavirus. It is with great regret that we must cancel the P7 Craggan trip as well as the P6 Edinburgh trip in line with the latest guidance from the Highland council. I know both the P6 and P7 pupils will be very upset by this as are all the other teachers involved.

We fully recognise that both year groups were really excited and will be disappointed. We are hoping to orgainse some sort of alternative experience within school next term and both parents and pupils will be updated in due course.

More information about refunds will follow in due course. Thanks for your understanding at this difficult time.

Miss Coe

World Book Day Thursday 5th March 2020 — Milton of Leys Primary School

A reminder that next week is World Book Day and we are really excited about it! Our theme this year is Journeys and we are inviting everyone to come to school ‘dressed for travel’ on the day. Pupils will explore travel in lots of different ways – personal journeys, travel adventures and challenging migrations. Please […]

World Book Day Thursday 5th March 2020 — Milton of Leys Primary School